Feature Request

So how will your new ideas come to life? First, we’ll ensure we understand the goals of your new functionality, we may well have some creative or technical ideas of our own to achieve them! Once quoted and a time-scale has been agreed we’ll schedule the project into the studio. It’ll either go live as part of an upcoming quarterly maintenance update (if eligible), or as a standalone piece of work. You’ll approve any new creative work, which will then be tested on our staging site and once you’re happy we’ll push the update live.

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Questions & Queries

Maybe you’ve forgotten something about your website build, like how to publish certain kinds of content through the CMS – or maybe you’d just like to bounce potential future ideas off us. To make sure your queries don’t get buried in a developer’s inbox, we encourage you to contact us via the link below to make sure your messages are filtered through to the right team member who will respond promptly.





We test everything we build comprehensively across multiple browsers, devices and operating systems, but we can’t promise we’ll catch everything. Sometimes we might miss something or just not experience the same issue as another user. So if something isn’t quite right, please report it to us here and we’ll work out how we’re going to sort it.




User created bug/mistake

OK, admit it – you’d forgotten how to do something on your website and now you’ve messed up an important page. These things happen, but you can talk to us and we’ll agree on a plan to repair the problem as quick as we can. If you’ve chosen to host your website with us, you can rest assured knowing your website is backed up daily, so we can roll back to a previous working version if things go wrong. If not, then we’ll figure out what’s wrong and get it working again as soon as possible. Once we’ve sorted it we’ll tell you how to avoid making the same mistake again. It could just be something simple, but you may well need further training for new team members unfamiliar with the CMS.