Two Month’s into Training for Chemical Code CFC Sportive


We’re two months into training and it’s not been easy. Finding bigger chunks of time to get the longer sessions in has proven difficult in what’s been a busy month. Although, I am now confident with short bursts of powerful, high RPM rides with the assistance of consistent weight training to build strength for climbs when I come to longer rides. That said, the real challenge now is to get outside and face the reality of hitting those longer 20, 30, 40 milestones.

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Now that summertime is back, daylight is on my side and training will be going up a few gears. My experienced riding buddy, Paul (who doubles up as my boss!) will be training with me to help achieve this. Let’s see how far I can push myself towards getting up to 60/70 miles before race day!

We’d greatly appreciate any donation for such a great cause with just 2 months until I have to #hammerthe100

Mine and Paul’s target is to raise £1000. £1000 can buy x2 adapted bikes or a whole heap of accessories for Cyclists Fighting Cancer and we think it’s an achievable target. Give me no excuse to back out!


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Jamie is back! After achieving a First Class degree at Coventry University in Graphic Design - well done - Jamie has rejoined us full time as an artworker. After spending some time here as a summer intern, he already has a good working knowledge of the studio and will be assisting the artwork team as well as dipping his toes into creative work too. Welcome back mate! Drinks rosé.. we'll leave that there...

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