Following the merger between Sheldon Bosley and Knight & Rennie, one of the new departments formed was their specialist ‘New Homes’ team. This group of experienced directors & property experts has an unrivalled skillset to offer land-owners & property developers, and it was vital that they could convey this to an online audience. 

We came up with the ‘Acres of Expertise’ campaign which involved the main directors of the New Homes service walking through a brown fields site. The aim being to position them as specialists in their fields (a land specialist, a planning specialist, a new homes specialist and a director-level project manager). This was rolled out across regional and trade publications and also featured on the New Homes website which we also designed and developed.

For the website itself we gave the New Homes team a platform which they could manage themselves. With an array of successful developments for house builders big and small already underway in Warwickshire and further afield, we had a strong base of developments to include for go live, we integrated the developments with a custom Google Map, allowing users to see exactly where developments are, as well as an individual landing page for each development with a description & image gallery and related information. We also included the standard host of site features such as links to SBK’s main website & partner sites, brochures, enquiry forms, news and a team page with further information about the partners.