This project involved a number of different skills and involved quite a few stakeholders too meaning we had to be super organised to project manage it and keep within timescales.

The main part of the project involved creating an animation for distribution through GPs surgery UK wide as well as relevant departments within hospitals. The purpose of the animation is to help patients recover faster by being prepared before they have an operation. So by educating them about their health, diet and the things they should organise or ask for help with with vastly improve the speed they can be discharged and that can only be good thing!

We worked on the branding of this story developing tone of voice and the language ‘Fitter, Better, Sooner’ as well as character generation and of course the script. This went through numerous revisions working with the stakeholders and also ensuring the assets we were producing for the animation would translate well to other forms of media such as leaflets and the RCoA’s website for instance.

The animation which you can view here was then produced, it is hosted on the RCoA’s website, YouTube channel and has been distributed alongside leaflets and PPT slides across the country.