We have recently started work with Royal College of Anaesthetists following a rebrand working alongside their internal marketing team who have asked us to design a variety of projects. The first being their bimonthly magazine Bulletin. We have created a full suite of templates for the RCoA’s design team to work with. This includes grids for a variety of content, the introduction of new typefaces to complement the corporate font.

We then looked at typical page content in line with the new internal direction for the publication and created a range of spreads to demonstrate this, some being single page articles, some more expansive and relying on imagery and typography in a far more playful way compared with previous publications. We’ve also developed some visual language to support the new colour palette and branding work, this has really helped to elevate the content and keep it flexible enough so each issue can be unique and reflect the content. Advertising grids for quarter page, half page and full page adverts have also be defined.

The second project is a suite of patient leaflets available at all hospitals throughout the NHS. A series of icons has been created to differentiate each leaflets topic and keep a uniform style without relying on colour which the old range had (being 15 leaflets this was never going to work with the new guidelines!). The icons all sit within a circle which is also one of the key parts of the new visual language we have developed for these leaflets.

A series of risk leaflets has also been designed and these are distributed through the RCoA website. Clean design utilising the icons and legible typography throughout keep these informative leaflets easy to read without looking too daunting as they are purely text based.

The design templates for all these projects has all been handed over to the internal design team who are creating the final artwork, we’ll be standing by to proof, advise and it’ll be great to see them in the flesh!