PSS asked us to redesign their new product PSS Ultimate. The cloud based software is used by public sector organisations such as councils to plan, track and manage tasks given to team members who work out in the field such as gardeners, refuse collectors and maintenance staff. Managers can create tasks, assign them to users and utilising the cloud based software each user can see what their next task is, and interact with it, marking the work as complete or even uploading photographic evidence of completion or of an issue encountered while undertaking the work.

We worked with PSS’s in-house development team, working on schematics for the main functions of the software and then looked at how each user would interact with the software, some would be desk based, some in the field so having a user interface which worked well on mobile and tablet (especially in low light) was key.

A set of icons was designed each with a corresponding colour which split the software into clearly defined sections, we then identified all of the control items that would need buttons and roll over states ensuring these were applied in a consistent way across all layouts.

We utilised Adobe XD to build prototypes for the client to approve and once approved exported all of the assets for their development team to build into the software builds.