Keith Patstone, a long term client of Chemical Code as KP Equipe, is on track to compete in the legendary Dakar Rally in 2015 which spans Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. He came to us for help with his sponsorship push, so to get the ball rolling we created a gritty brand for his campaign, drawing from aspects of rally motorsport and the harsh terrain of the Dakar Rally itself. The compass graphic which is used throughout the campaign marks key aspects of the rally – time, speed, years of experience; and the heat he will endure on his journey.

The 12pp brochure we designed was printed on a rough uncoated stock to give a rugged feel, which was echoed with the business cards – 3 layers of uncoated board sandwiched together with a yellow board in the middle for a unique look and feel. We also branded his Twitter and Facebook pages and created a microsite to help gain extra sponsors and document his progress.

With a wealth of motorcycle experience, Keith is set to be the man to complete the rally and has already stacked up some great sponsors, delving into the brave new world of social media (with a little help from ourselves!) and training hard to be in top shape for the event. Good luck Keith, we’re proud to sponsor you! You can visit his website and sponsor him to help him along.