Geotech are a UK based manufacturer of gas analysers and environmental monitoring equipment. We have worked with them for a number of years, recently refreshing their branding into a much more modern design. As part of our rebranding we incorporated the ‘G’ into the wordmark and removed the now defunct strapline. This gave it a much more streamlined look. We created a unique icon for the ‘G’ which again elevated the appearance of the wordmark. It also gave it further uses in logos for mobile apps and social media. We kept the existing red/blue colour palette, but made sure not to overuse colour to maintain the crisp appearance of the site. Finally, we introduced a new, distinct proposition statement. This represented a promise of value to be delivered, which set Geotech apart from the competition to prospective customers.

Click the button below to visit Geotech’s website or click here to read our Case Study about the rebranding process in more detail.