RIDI do vital work with recruiters and employers helping them become more confident and able to employ people with disabilities. We’ve been working with them for years now, and based on the quality work we’ve created for them in the past, we were tasked with creating a fully-accessible website to help them continue to drive their initiative forward. 

To begin the process we drew up a comprehensive plan, considering accessibility requirements & establishing ground rules for every element of the website. We worked closely with the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) throughout the project, testing and re-testing the website to ensure it conformed to established accessibility guidelines. With regards to design we chose a colour palette and typeface that emphasised visual clarity, with strong contrast. Another interesting feature is the ‘Recite.me’ toolbar. It’s a multidimensional tool that is capable of adapting a website to fit any accessibility requirement. Users can choose content colour, scale text content as needed and the website is fully compatible for use with a screen reader. We also created an Inclusion Calculator for organisations so that they can identify a target of disabled employees in their workforce to ensure their business is as inclusive as it can be.

We’re proud to sponsor RIDI to help support everything they do. We’re really happy with what we achieved with this project. It’s a shining example of how design quality & UX don’t need to be sacrificed when creating accessible design. The new website really raises RIDI’s profile, emphasising their work and achievements as an organisation, whereas their previous website was just centred around the RIDI awards, which is only one of the projects they deliver.

If you’re interested in learning more about accessible work we’ve done, then you should read our recent Case Study on delivering accessible design.

Click the link below to see the RIDI website for yourself.