Duvas Technologies are UK manufacturers of state of the art real-time environmental monitoring equipment. Our work for Duvas began with developing a new proposition for their flagship product, the DV3000. Following this, we were tasked with the creation of their new website, along with informative content about the DV3000 – including the brochure seen above and an animation

We used the proposition again in the brochure to highlight the main benefits of the DV3000 as a highly accurate, portable real-time gas detection solution. Visually our design was strongly influenced by chemistry – seen in the hexagonal elements present throughout – the logo for the DV3000 is even based on the symbol for Benzene. The road & car are used to emphasise the DV3000’s portability. Behind the road you can also see the primary workplaces in which you’re most likely to be exposed to hazardous gases. We also designed iconography for different status symbols depending on the levels of hazardous gases detected. 

We created two versions of the brochure, one a roll fold 6 pager to be printed and distributed at trade shows and an electronic version accessible via the website.

You can visit Duvas Technologies’ website by clicking the link below.