Technology Transfer Management, the team behind the HEE Conference in Bahrain later this year, came to Chemical Code to rebrand and reestablish their business. At the forefront of technology transfer innovation and engineering, they needed a modern, clean identity to help them raise the stakes in their market. A lot of their competitors had quite a stale, dated identity so it was a great opportunity to push the boundaries.

The two T’s and M in the icon form the structure of a box, each T acting as an arrow heading outside of the structure, buffered my the ‘M’ – the management process crucial to linking the process. The box shape also creates a hexagon – known as the foundation of life’s building blocks – from an atomic / molecular level, through to natural structures such as hives.

The identity conveys thinking outside the box, using progressive process and structure to connect with business. From this we developed their strap line ‘ faciliting innovation’ – taking control and connecting with technology and business, at the forefront of technology and development.

To support the identity we designed some die cut business cards, stationery and Word templates, also creating HTML email auto-responders and HTML email templates for their ongoing digital marketing.

The CMS driven responsive website we designed and built echoes the brand – clean, forward thinking and informative.