We designed a range of materials to advertise PSS’ newest software product PSS Ultimate. We gave the project initial creative direction by developing a new colour palette for use throughout. When creating the logo for PSS Ultimate we considered the end-use as well as designing something that fit with their existing branding. This means the logo looks great in various applications and was suitable for use in both a mobile app and desktop software. Their software has a range of uses for the public sector, such as allowing councils to co-ordinate refuse collection or audit playground equipment.

Due to the success of PSS Ultimate’s launch period, we’re going to be undertaking a full redesign of the software & client app to bring the whole project in line with our design standards. We provided the project additional support through designing a set of icons which have been used in infographics and on the dedicated pages for this project on the PSS website. To visit the PSS website click the link below or you can read more about how we created it in more detail here.