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It’s been too long!

Welcome to the latest edition of Litmus, where we give you an insight into the inner workings of the design studio and let you know what we’ve been busy creating. We know it’s been a while, so we’re really keen to show you what you’ve been missing! It’s July now and the summer is really underway!

To begin I’d really like to talk to you about the design work we’ve done for SBK! It’s already been a year since our client Knight & Rennie teamed up with Sheldon Bosley to form Sheldon Bosley Knight. To celebrate this anniversary they asked us to produce a range of advertisements for them to feature in the Leamington Courier, online and an A5 Flyer to go out as a part of a Direct Mail campaign. Recently we’ve also produced a piece of design work for another mailing campaign from them, letting potential customers know the broad range of services they offer.


Duvas Technologies are UK-based manufacturers of state of the art real-time environmental monitoring equipment. They tasked us with creating a new website that would elevate their brand with a much more modern image. In addition to redesigning their online presence we came up with a unique proposition for their flagship piece of kit: the DV3000. We devised the new promotional slogan “This is a Real Time Machine” as a part of our re-proposition work for the DV3000, and we’ve also produced a brochure for Duvas’ clients to explain the unique functionalities and benefits of the DV3000 to them.

Here’s a sneak peek some of the things we’ve made – you’ll be able to see the full website, brochure and everything else soon! 

Kuka Robotics came to us requiring a secure, fully-integrated solution for the creation and distribution of proposals to their UK client base. Data privacy was a top priority with this project, as proposals can contain highly sensitive information. Incorporating the proposals process into an integrated system has been highly beneficial, as it gives users ready access to all the information they need and the ability to track all actions taken on any given proposal. This has been made doubly effective by the integration of the CRM Salesforce.

The Client Centre acts as a highly useful repository for all information & resources for KUKA’s UK customer base. The Client Centre also gives KUKA the ability to upload supporting materials such as manuals or videos into an organised, easily navigable structure.

Below you can take a look at some different areas of the website we’ve created. As it’s going to be a private company website, you won’t be able to access it yourself, but don’t worry! We’ll be giving you a much closer look at what we’ve made soon in a Case Study, where we’ll go into a lot more detail about the whole process. Watch this space!

The possibilities with a project like this are truly endless, and we believe we’ve only just scratched the surface. We’re excited to see how much more we can do.

Camper King are one of our oldest clients and thanks to their continued success they’ve been able to invest in a fleet of ten new rental vehicles. They needed us to design some livery to give their vans that “WOW” factor and help them really stand out on the road.

Some other stuff we’ve been working on includes conceptual design work for CLIC Sargent’s upcoming Direct Mail campaign, as well as a refresh of AMS’ advertising. Check them out below!

Two new faces!

Welcome Chloe & Joseph to the team! Chloe is our new Junior Designer. She recently graduated from Coventry University with a First in Graphic Design. Joseph is our new Business Development Manager, and a recent Warwick University graduate. We’re really excited to see what both of them can do!

Best Wishes Val!

Our client Valeria from Comensura recently let us know that she’ll be moving to China. We’re really going to miss her as she was a pleasure to work with. We got this lovely goodbye note from her and wanted to wish her good luck and all the best!

I have to say you’ve all been a fantastic team to work with, thank you for all the support and for delivering outstanding work. I wish you all the best in the future.
Thank you so much Chemical Code!

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