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After several weeks of guest appearances from the rest of the Chemical Code crew I’ve resumed the blog writing for this week. I must say I’ve been really impressed with what the lads have come up with and it’s been refreshing to see what each individual has brought to the Litmus blog. So we’re going to continue rotating the blog authors to keep things fresh.

Speaking of fresh, as I’ve just come back from two weeks away in the Eurozone (more on that later) it’s time this week for the UK to stand up and be counted in this week’s EU referendum. There has been some interesting debates and opinions in the studio (we’ve ignore all of those televised debates as they are just a bunch of politicians taking cheap shots at each other).

Another familiar face that’s appeared in the studio is Jamie. Remember him? He was the intern who first started writing this blog just over a year ago. He’s recently completed his degree at Coventry University and is now our new Junior Artworker. He’s been busy grafting in his first week and of course is keeping us refreshed with plenty of tea! Welcome back Jamie!


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Of course all the bickering with the referendum came to a drastic halt over the weekend with the shocking news of the murder of Jo Cox MP in her constituency. There has been an outpouring of tributes over the week with the largest gatherings happening on Wednesday where people all around the World came together to celebrate what would have been Jo’s 42nd birthday. Organisers said the events (including the main event in Trafalgar Square) were to “show the world we have more in common than that which divides us”. The day was covered all over social media using the hashtag #LoveLikeJo and even the festival goers of Glastonbury paid tribute with a minute’s silence:

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As we’ve mentioned, this week the country had a big decision to make. On Thursday, the UK voted to leave the EU. However with the vote split 52% to 48% it’s clear to see that with all the noise being made by the politicians it was hard to filter the fact from the fiction. Maybe a decent creative campaign from either side would have helped sway the decision for a larger majority. Here’s the remain camp…

stronger1 VoteRemain1 craps

And here’s the leave…


I’d have thought these campaigns would have been better bearing in mind some of these have come from M&C Saatchi who have been responsible for several successful campaigns for clients such as Carlsberg, IKEA and Lexus and also Adam & Eve/DDB, who became involved with the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign back in October, when it helped to name the group and created the organisation’s launch film. Speaking of which, Adam & Eve/DDB released a series of online films urging people to use their vote. 


These films are meant to highlight the short amount of time required to vote – compared to the long term impact of the result on people’s future. Keira Knightley, Vivienne Westwood and Lily Cole fronted ads encouraging voter turnout, in which they say “it only takes five seconds to fuck with my future”.

Err… I’m sure these people will be fine regardless of the result!

Then there’s that poster that took one of Jeff Mitchell’s best photographs and turned it into a Ukip propaganda piece. How did he feel about this? He said: ‘These people have been betrayed by Ukip’. However, their leader Nigel Farage seemed a very happy chappy this morning!


Finally, here’s one for you Game of Thrones fans (yes you James and Kev). Ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky London transformed its shopfront in King’s Cross into a Game of Thrones-inspired call to action to get out the vote. Arjun Singh, the agency’s operations director said of the shopfront: “With a healthy dose of tongue in cheek and some GoT hype thrown in, we’re aiming to capture the attention of passersby and, hopefully, encourage any laggards to register – whilst reminding everyone to vote on 23rd June”.



This week we also welcomed back Tim Peake back to Earth after six months in the ISS. During his mission, Major Peake completed the first spacewalk by a UK astronaut and ran the London Marathon.

He left the Space Station at 05:53 GMT on Monday, joined by Yuri Malenchenko and Tim Kopra. Their Soyuz capsule hurtled back to Earth at 25 times the speed of sound, before landing in Kazakhstan at 09:15 GMT. Tim’s space mission has taken him on about 3,000 orbits of Earth, covering a distance of around 125 million km. Now he’s back on Earth, feeling the force of gravity again, it will take several months for his body to fully recover.


While he was orbiting the Earth, Tim Peake took some extraordinary photos from the ISS. Here are a selection of some of his best:



I promise, I’m taking a leaf out of Dan’s book and sticking to the one this week!

Winc (Formerly Club W) is a California based direct-to-consumer winery that is revolutionizing the way people discover, buy and share wine. Check out the rebrand below:

winc_logo_animationwinc_patternwinc_iconswinc_stationerywinc_packaging_02 winc_packaging_01

I do love a bit of good packaging design (especially if alcohol is involved) and the execution of this brand is sharp. I’m not sure about the ‘c’ of Winc going off the edge of the bag but I can live with that because that “Wi” ligature looks great! The new logo taps into the 1970s black serif revival to pour a sumptuous wordmark in that logo animation. The only thing is that the iconography, although it looks good, doesn’t really sit that well with the serif typeface. Overall though, it’s a fancy update that is more fitting for the product. (I love that animation!)


This week has been another busy one in the studio. We’ve started scoping a new web project for our client PSS which included working on the site map and the first round of wireframes. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been developing a new visual language and proposition statement for Carlisle Support Services. This week we’ve finalised the new guidelines and artwork for their literature and have also designed the look and feel for the new website. Check these out below:


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We’ve also finalised the artwork for the Alveston Place brochure for Sheldon Bosley Knight this week. This is a high end brochure that showcases a new development in the heart of Leamington Spa. We look forward to seeing the final results when it’s run off the printing press in the next week.


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Finally, it’s feedback Friday so here is a selection of some of the weeks comments from our clients:

Looks brilliant. Thank you.

Thanks for doing this – looks really good!

Thanks so much, looks great!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


Forget the referendum for a moment. The european championship group stages have concluded and there are some tasty ties in the last 16. Here are the fixtures we have to look forward to:


Of course we were all biting our nails (especially Kev) when the Portugal result came in and for a few minutes. But a last second winner for Iceland has changed all that (not that it makes it any easier). It’s great to see that all of the UK-based sides and the Republic of Ireland have made it through. This means we can now get rid of a few teams in the sweepstake (amazingly, all three of my team’s made it through!) Let the banter commence!


I may have mentioned I’ve been on holiday recently. During my travels through France I managed to spend a day in Saumer just off the La Loire river. Why is this of interest? Well as Saumer is twinned with Warwick it was great to see how the town has embraced its brand and how this comes across in their visual language. You can see examples of this below:

logo bandeau-cestcasaumur IMG_5733

It was also interesting to see the kind of events that go on around Saumer from music festivals to theatre performances. It will even host a stage of Le Tour de France on 5 July. And of course the town is buzzing with the European Championships being held on their doorstep!

FDLM-Affiche-2016 headerbar-tourdefrance

Well now England have let us down and won’t play until Monday night we’ll have to find something else to do. Ah well… Rihanna is playing at the Ricoh Arena this weekend (that’s Jamie sorted then!)

Have a great weekend!

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