Case study

Winning bid documentation for General Dynamics

Part of global defence company General Dynamics Inc, Force Protection Europe is based just round the corner from our office, handling requirements for the light protected patrol vehicle sector. With a tender in the pipeline, they approached us to support and assist with project managing the BID, handle all the graphic requirements and produce the finished hard copy tender response.

With a 4 week schedule to complete and deliver the response, we worked closely with the GDLS-FPE team to ensure all the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted. An estimated 300 pages were required, along with artwork for ring binders, CD labels and an executive summary, so we rolled our sleeves up and prepped our overnight survival kit in case of a late stint at the office…

Our first task was to prep all the graphics and diagrams needed to support the copy – 99 in total. As is the ever changing nature of a tender, most graphics were revised 3 or 4 times as the client requirements changed. With the graphics underway, we set up the other assets required – artwork for the ring binders, tabs, executive summary and CD labels.

With the majority of the graphics and other assets produced, we took their individual Word documents and began formatting them into a printable version. The tender response was split into three ring bound folders, each section tabbed. Page count was now at just over 700 – of which three copies of each binder were required.

After a few late nights, all 700+ pages, 99 diagrams, 9 Executive Summaries, 9 CDs and 3 x 3 ring binders were designed, printed, collated and delivered 2 days before schedule.

A few tense weeks later the results were in – General Dynamics Force Protection Europe had won the bid.

Since then we have produced two more tenders for them for different Ministry of Defence contracts, both of which were also won by General Dynamics.

Client overview

General Dynamics Land Systems – Force Protection Europe. Force Protection Europe (FPE) is the European subsidiary of Force Protection Inc, which was acquired by General Dynamics in 2011. The UK based (Leamington Spa) company developed the Ocelot (also known as Foxhound), a light-weight mine-protected military vehicle, which was developed to replace the Snatch Land Rover. FPE won a £180 million contract from the British Ministry of Defence in 2010 to supply 200 Ocelot vehicles. Following the acquisition by General Dynamics in December 2011, the Ocelot is marketed as part of General Dynamics Land Systems vehicle portfolio.