Case study

A new responsive website & identity for Factory Campers

Factory Campers are a Cheshire-based specialists in bespoke conversions of VW Camper Vans. Their customers are given great freedom to choose almost every aspect of the vehicle including the cabinets, wheels, flooring and more! They came to us looking for a new website and a fresh, modern brand to launch their business.

For the new identity we proposed a range of ideas and ultimately delivered an eye-catching design with a nod to the image of former Manchester Nightclub 'The Haçienda' (we all know what the boss of Factory was doing in the late 80's!). The new website reflects this new image and also possesses some really useful functionality thanks to WordPress' adaptability, which gives us the freedom to develop and deliver any bespoke features & functions that would elevate a user's experience.

As this was a brand new website build we had no existing site to perform any initial research on so the first step was to sit down with the client. We discussed their requirements, what they wanted from the website and the customer’s user journeys. Armed with this information we were able to draw up preliminary plans for the website structure in the form of site maps & wireframes. As we sunk our teeth deeper into the project we continued to generate new ideas for content & functionality, including easily updated displays for vehicle finance options and an ‘options’ display for customers to browse and consider their choice of each aspect of the Camper Van.

Another consideration that went into the build was the branding work we’d created. Along with the website designs Factory Campers asked us to give them a colourful, modern brand identity. We presented the client with several design options, each of which was inspired by the iconic Manchester Nightclub ‘The Haçienda’ (hence the company name).

We drew inspiration for our design from a number of sources. We took the shape of the roof in Factory Records’ logo and implemented it into the various polygonal shards that act as a backing to the word mark & iconography. In line with the club theme we also chose to use a highly vibrant colour palette containing bright pinks, yellows, greens and more.


Once we had agreed on the new identity and site maps, we moved onto wire framing. The wireframe established the initial layout & mapped the prospective customer’s user journey for the client to review. Following this,  we generated ideas for the necessary components & useful functionalities for the website. This began with core information such as sections for further information & news from Factory Campers, testimonials, case studies and of course a space to advertise their vehicles.

As the project developed we solved a number of additional request for additional functionality that would be useful for customers. An example of this was for each vehicle to dynamically display finance information. For this we developed a custom script that would display all necessary information to the customer (initial deposit, interest, final payment etc) based on their chosen van and price point, we developed some custom functionality to allow us to configure each price point and attach it to individual camper vans. Most crucial for this however was the ability for the client to update the information quickly and easily. Our script allows the client to update prices in only one location, and have the information feed through to all relevant sections of the website (including other cascading changes such as altering monthly payment figures should interest rates be changed.) This functionality makes managing the financial data really easy for the client and means that a single change to the financial data is automatically filtered down to all of the vans at that price point.

As always, we kept responsiveness and compatibility across devices and browsers in mind when creating the website. This ensures that every website we build looks good and is functional no matter how a user accesses it.

We really enjoyed working with Factory Campers building their new website & creating their branding. This project is a stellar example of how simple, eye-catching design can really elevate a brand’s image. The added functionality of the website also shows how adaptable WordPress can be in delivering exactly what a client needs for their business. 

We aren’t done with Factory Campers yet, so look out for more of them soon!