Case study

Multi language product catalogues

Capital Safety are the world leaders in fall protection equipment, producing everything from state-of-the-art harnesses to all the mechanical gear necessary to keep you safe at height. Having worked with them to strengthen their EMEA marketing department, we were asked to produce a product catalogue and suite of launch materials supporting it to go out to all of their European distributors.

One of the key challenges was how we delivered an engaging, informative catalogue
designed in a modular way ensuring seven languages with varying character lengths
could be artworked efficiently. Where possible we needed to dissect the information
into a visual format that transgressed language.


A series of icons were designed to differentiate SKU features, creating a visual language
for materials, connector types and other variations.These appeared in each product section
and as a throw out card at the back of the catalogue as an easy reference, as well
as formatted into posters for the distributors.

The final pieces to the puzzle were single colour price lists, printed for each country in their regional currency.

Client overview

Capital Safety is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fall protection, confined space
and rescue equipment, with a passionate commitment to quality, innovation and safety.
Chemical Code produce all of the EMEA marketing requirement for Capital Safety
and their brands; DBI-Sala, Protecta & Uniline.


“Being a global company, one of our daily challenges can be how we can communicate the same information to customers in many different languages. When we needed to produce a multi-lingual catalogue, one of the many fantastic things that Chemical Code did was to create easy to interpret ‘icons’. This reduced the amount of pages and copy to be translated across 12 languages and therefore facilitated cost savings across the whole project. They have gone out of their way to establish an extremely good understanding of our business, always produce an excellent standard of work and turnaround time is faultless. We can confidently pass work over to them knowing that they are going to achieve what they have been tasked with.”