Case study

Capital Safety Resource Centre

Conceived in 2010 and built by us on the popular WordPress platform, Capital Safety’s Resource Centre contains a large repository of images, documents and brand assets – an invaluable tool which is used on a daily basis by both Capital Safety staff and associated companies on a daily basis. Following the catalogue it became clear the resource centre needed a rethink to accommodate the expanding product range and growing team - as well as the need for comprehensive international language support.

A number of new features were introduced: an informed search assistant to cater for users miss-spelling product names and faster, more relevant results, multi-lingual support, and the ability to group product collateral into a single downloadable media kit containing hi-res imagery, logos and brochures.

Added to this, the site had a complete stylistic rehaul, with prompts and hints for first time users and an overall cleaner user interface.

Behind the scenes, we extensively planned the information architecture, incorporated the varying categories and taxonomies and developed custom WordPress plugins to deliver the extra features. We’ve also added the ability to restrict content to users territory, internal employees or specific customers if need be.

To launch the new Resource Centre we designed and built multi-language emailers that were sent to their distributors. The accompanying user guide gives comprehensive instructions – in 7 languages.

The Resource Centre is in constant growth and is now also used as a platform for marketing product launches as well as a more accessible reference point for internal staff.

Client overview

Capital Safety is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fall protection, confined space
and rescue equipment, with a passionate commitment to quality, innovation and safety.
Chemical Code produce all of the EMEA marketing requirement for Capital Safety
and their brands; DBI-Sala, Protecta & Uniline.


“Until we had our Resource centre we were constantly inundated with requests for various images, technical documents etc. As a company who sell hundreds of products, in many languages, across Europe, it was difficult to manage one central source to hold this information. Chemical Code designed an online Resource Centre for EMEA, a tool we now couldn’t imagine life without! Not only is this invaluable for our own internal staff but is an amazing resource for our customers who can download information instantly from anywhere in the world, without having to request the information from us. What’s more, we’ve been able to develop the Resource Centre as the demands from it have changed – now we are able to set parameters on what users are able to access. For instance, sensitive information can be held and only available to certain users, e.g. employees are able to download some information that is not available to external users. Chemical Code manage the day to day running of the site for us and have been able to suggest ways in which we can grow and develop it. The introduction of this system has not only been invaluable for our customers but has also helped us work more efficiently as a team.”