Case study

B2B Proposal & Product Resource Centre for KUKA UK

KUKA Robotics is a world-leading supplier of robotics, plant manufacturing & systems technology. KUKA UK came to us based on our previous success with handling big projects for large manufacturing corporations such as Geotech & 3M. We worked closely with KUKA UK throughout the initial scoping process, discussing their requirements for the project. Ultimately we developed a secure, fully-integrated online solution for the creation, distribution and tracking of proposals to their partners and client base in the UK.

After our initial research, we drew up site maps to plan out the user journey and core components of the website. The primary goal of the project was to create a secure website with data privacy as the number one priority. We had to make sure that proposals could only be read by their intended recipients, as they contain sensitive information.

From a design perspective, the focus was working within KUKA UK’s existing brand guidelines. We built on previous experience working in the same way for 3M and other clients, and delivered a design that conformed to brand guidelines and mirrored existing KUKA UK content, interfaces, structure and behaviours. Our design has translated into an optimised user experience that blends seamlessly with existing KUKA UK content which their customers will be familiar with.

As this project had limited creative freedom, we focused our design efforts on delivering functionality. We designed the Client Centre to be a fully self-contained system. It provides KUKA UK’s customers with all of the necessary information & resources from the beginning to the end of the proposal process. Quick & easy proposal sharing was another requirement, and with what we’ve built proposals can be shared at the click of a button. Across emails, messages & proposals on the system we’ve also added a co-ordinated system of alerts, notifications and tracking. This sophisticated functionality, along with integration with popular CRM Salesforce allows KUKA UK to track every step of the process. (More on that below!)

Behind the scenes the system was developed to be fully-integrated with the popular CRM, Salesforce. This gives KUKA UK an even greater ability to track the entire proposals process. Salesforce brings many benefits to KUKA UK, allowing them to view all information about a given customer from their database such as previous interactions, when they first bought from them etc. Linking this via an API with the proposals system brings all the information a KUKA UK sales representative would need throughout the sales process, all in one place.

The proposal system’s real-time tracking & feedback allows KUKA UK to have a detailed overview of proposals and customer interactions at every stage. KUKA UK can track which sales representative created the proposal, with management approval required at this stage, which customers the proposal was sent to, when they viewed the proposal, and what interactions they then make such as, approving it, requesting a change, requesting a printed version and even who they shared it with. 

The website also acts as a fully logged-in resource centre for the wealth of information concerning all of KUKA UK’s products. All information regarding KUKA UK’s offering, supporting information & documents such as technical specifications and brochures is made easily-accessible within the Centre for any KUKA UK User. Across the products themselves there is also a deep level of nesting and categorisation that makes it easy to navigate so that users can find the product they need quickly.


We’ve really enjoyed working in partnership with KUKA UK on this exciting project. The possibilities are endless, and we believe we’ve only just scratched the surface on what can be done – especially with the integration of Salesforce. We’re looking forward to seeing where this project leads us in the future.