Case study

Arctic Trucks global & UK websites

Website design, build and population for global automotive group

Arctic Trucks approached us to discuss a complete overhaul of their multiple websites to help position the different sectors and countries they operate in as well as tackle an ageing website with limited CMS options. After discussion with key stakeholders in the UK, Iceland and Norway it was decided to focus on a new global website and a dedicated site for the UK market which didn't currently exist. Following these initial projects we would progress with a parts and accessories store also for the UK and then a new website for the Middle East operating out of the United Arab Emirates.

We decided to leverage a multisite build to ensure content - such as news - could be populated across multiple websites, and also use WordPress as the underlying CMS allowing the client future ease of use and control, something their old platform hadn't given them. The design of the new sites needed to incorporate a new sub brand - AT - which required visual development and messaging.

Site Map / Wireframes

Part of our initial work included identifying some of the mistakes previously made especially in regard to user behaviour and clear signposting when taking a user from one site to another. With a project of this scale and considering future roll out (and limitations) it is essential to thoroughly wireframe the user journeys and this work went through many iterations to ensure we had the right balance of information, in the right place on the right website. For instance it was established early on that the global website couldn’t be too technical with vehicles specifications as this differs from country to country (due to homologation) and in some cases vehicle to vehicle (Iceland produce a large number of custom one off builds with unique requirements).

So it was decided to use the global website as a showcase for all of the services Arctic Trucks offer and allow jump off points to either stand alone websites (such as travel) or to encourage users to visit a country specific site or contact their head office – not all enquiries will come from locations they have facilities in.

We identified similarities across the global and country specific sites ensuring we could design and build templates which would be shared, ensuring the user would remain familiar and not feel like they had ended up on a third party site as well as keeping the builds cost effective.

With the wide ranging content available to Arctic Trucks of their vehicles either being used in polar explorations, professional applications or customers of AT edition vehicles we wanted to be able to showcase this in an engaging way so have designed a ‘features’ page which allows this and can cater for a mix of media, video, galleries and social media embeds.

Global Website

The global site serves a number of purposes, mainly to show the wide range of services and product available from the four Arctic Trucks locations in Iceland, Norway, UK & the Middle East. These range from exploration and expedition services, travel – specialist holidays in Iceland – and of course the range of vehicles available, either one off custom builds or homologated vehicles available at dealerships from brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu and more..  Combined with news, events, press releases, location information and an in-depth about section, the site also deals with all worldwide enquiries. Find out more here.


UK Website

The UK site is based on our new template for country specific websites for Arctic Trucks, with a new site based on this under development already for the Middle East market.

The site features news and feature content which is both localised to the UK market or pushed instantly from the multisite build from the global website. A directory of AT vehicles available from manufacturers including Toyota, Nissan & Isuzu including image galleries, specification and brochure and enquiry links, as well as professional vehicles for specific commercial applications. Find out more here.


Messaging & Graphic Language

To ensure that the new websites mirrored the different business arms Arctic Trucks delivers across multiple countries we have developed a new brand message for the AT range of vehicles as well as a new look and feel for this collateral regardless of digital or traditional print requirements. This uses a sharp angled design and a new AT icon (also featured within the vehicle designs) combined with the lava red which differentiates this product offering from the traditional exploration and travel services the company operates. See more about this work here.

Arctic Trucks, a global leader in re-engineering the world’s best 4×4 vehicles enable you to go to the extremes wherever you are, whether it be the North Pole, the countryside or the open road.